why so many abandoned places


there is an extraordinary desire by painting the pictures with a certain light and assembling harmonizing colors in the cutouts to bring back to life the once with love and hope filled places. a homage to the people that lived there, telling their stories, not about their failures, but of the happy days they had, although now everything is destroyed.


a healing process, even to myself, showing things in a better light as they mostly occur at first sight. something that helped me to survive in growing up and became a heartwork to constantly fight for.


a road of lost love, often lonely and rough, misinterpreted many times, but a journey to my soul, in silence, in reverence and high respect.


tiptoeing through the scenery, getting lost in time and space, warmed by the inner peace in these intense moments of full concentration by diving in. and it all collides in the details: collecting wide spread puzzle pieces to reunite the beauty and secrets of my inner me. pictures about my feelings, even supported by my special technique, resulting in the silence which is so evident to hear these signals.


visiting lost places, where violence harmed the skin of a 'perfect' life, feels like tapping into old wounds, on the mission with the camera to heal. because every biography is important, especially when occurring so unspectacular, as many of the landscapes which accompany me on these roads. but when you listen deeply to the tiny details, you find a peaceful and surprising life.




other worldly

pop gallery


lost love avenue (a tale)

the collapsible chair

the fishmas tree (an installation)